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SHOP-JÖL is currently under development. Our teams are working to create a more detailed site that we expect will be fully ready for the masses by Autumn. Customers of JÖL can head over to to shop and learn more about us.

If you are a 3rd Party service provider, it is best to say we are not interested. As this is an extension of J&L Pogonotrophics LLC, all business is managed directly by the parent entity and we are not looking for any assistance or services for this page, or our own pages, at this time. Do note, we are fully self operating and do not outsource any activities of our operations or administration. This include CRM, CSM, IT, IS, HR, design, finances, production, packaging, warehousing, inventory management, web development, SEO, marketing… by now, we hope you have the idea. Please do not contact us concerning any business operations or administration services you or your employer offer. This is a firm policy and how we are able to offer premium products and more affordable prices to our customers.