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As Promised, there is video!

On our 9th Anniversary, we posted the first installment in our new video content. It is titled a (Re)Introduction, as for many of our followers we are very new to them. In other ways, we are so much not the same business that we were when our first introduction video was posted.

We now have 2 posted videos shared and a couple more getting the finishing touches. With so many directions to take our content, you will find that we have what are essentially Vlog Posts and from there we will create playlists of more specialized or focused content based upon subject matter.

All our video content will be very relaxed, blog-like posts with few edits and not formally scripted. We will always encourage feedback on what our viewers are interested in hearing from us. Our planned topics so far are; telling our story as we grow and work towards our goals; personal point of view experience of operating this operation; inside looks at our products.

What our video content will not be: Straight forward educational or “how-to” videos. We do plan to have them be informative, from which you can learn something about us or our products. Whether it would be specific how to use or apply our products, or how we make them will not be a focus at this time. In the future we may look into doing such videos, but due to space and time it would not be ideal to enter into creating such.

Don’t expect overly polished and “professional” videos. We are not “content creators” – we are grooming, personal care and scented home products makers. The video content will be an extension of our core business to bring awareness to what we are doing and not be a foundation to it. All of this will not be geared as a revenue creation platform for us, like it is with content creators. All of the work will be done 100% in house by us, using the tools we have available to us. With our time being split between everything else we do, that means we are limited in how much time we put into editing and production. We’re keeping it simple for now. Currently we are filing in our office and around our home, so we can change up the scenery here and there.

We do ask that our followers, customers, friends and family LIKE our YouTube Channel and subscribe. This will enhance the possibility of being exposed to new people to learn about us as well as ensure that those who already are interested can see new content as it is posted. Links will be provided below to view our current videos as well as visit our channel page.

We hope you like what we have started here. Do look forward to more to come soon. Let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions we would like to hear them.

Thank you!

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