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Greetings all,

We hope you November is starting off well and are able to spend quality time with those you find most dear. Here and JÖL we are well aware of all the troubling and upsetting news coming from all directions. Sever weather and economic stress as well as far too many tragedies, we find it hard to remain joyful, er JÖLful, during this time this year.

There is little we can actually do to make it all better and ensure peace and love will be everlasting. All that we can do is help alleviate some stress by making things easier when shopping with us.

We find all the over-hyped and sensational advertising for retailers to be simply, too much. We find calling every sale a “Black Friday Sale” makes those words lose their intended impact. “Doorbuster Deals” comes off as violent and offensive, having seen first hand how out of control these events can be when stoked by the retailer and media.

Part of our mission as been to be make things as simple as possible for everyone. While we have fun with product names and the plethora of scent options we offer, the bottom line is that our products are valued priced when you consider their performance and what like makers are doing when it comes to small batch hand made products. Generally, we avoid making sensationalized statements about discounts and sales. We shied away from “sales” as a gimmick some time ago. We feel it is best for us and you to maintain a stable price point every day over having higher prices with assorted discounts spread throughout the year. Outside of our Scent of the Month option, we don’t have SALES.

What we are doing this year to help with shoppers, is to have a blanket 20% OFF most items we make based upon a minimum $30 cart subtotal. This savings will be applied as a coupon, automatically, to each order you place between now and December 1st. Once your cart reached $30 of qualifying products, the coupon will be applied to your order. In case it does not, you can still manually apply it by typing in the code or clicking the button on the cart page during checkout.

This sale is our BIG SALE for the Thanksgiving weekend. You don’t need to rush, you have time to shop around to get your list together.

For December, we have another promotion planned. For this sale, we wish to create offers built around our most popular items for gifting. Whether those gifts are Holiday presents or simple thank you to people to acknowledge them for their love, support, dedication or work over the past year. End of year recognition is just as much a part of the Holiday Season and all the other celebrations, and we know that is something many of us consider around this time.

We are still working on exactly what those offers will be and how we will present them. They may be simplified bundles or groupings of items at pricing intervals to make it easier to choose while keep to a budget or they may be targeted “hot” items with attractive discounts – or both. Right now, we are focused this promotion.

We wish to also call out that you can earn FREE SHIPPING with orders reaching $70 or more after discounts. For our local customers, CURBSIDE PICKUP is still available to offer let you save money and still get your order in roughly the same amount of time. PICKUPS are scheduled to suit your needs and to make sure we are fully available and attentive for you to ask any questions or provide feedback. Unfortunately, we are not offering GIFT WRAPPING as a service this year.

Unless other important news comes up with hope you have a pleasant Thanksgiving weekend, whether you are with family, friends or going solo. We wish you all well and look forward to seeing some of you at the ANDERSONVILLE HOLIDAY MARKET December 2-4.

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