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SHOP-JÖL is a place to feature the JÖL line of products made and sold by J&L Pogonotrophics LLC in a more brand immersive environment.

When we launched JÖL in 2018 it was intended to be a the retail extension of J&L; as part of Primp +JÖL, a name we would use for any Brick + Mortar experience. When we launched our first items that did not fall under personal care category, we needed a name that represented us and set the products apart from everything else. Instant acceptance of this brand and what the name means made it right for us to place everything that was not specifically for Beards or essentially masculine under this branding.

JÖL has been well embraced by our J&L customers. We like to think our followers and customers live “The JÖL Life”

The JÖL Life

We do not consider ourselves a “lifestyle brand” – one geared to creating a complete picture for you on how to be you. We are very much the opposite of that, we want you to be you and hope that what we do can add to some part of you. You define us, not the other way around.

With this site, we can offer more bits and pieces that we find interesting that may promote any number of lifestyle components. They will likely be some notions we thought some may like viewing. They may echo some of our philosophies behind what we make and do; or they may be of a very general interest. No matter what, there will be no message to promote a specific lifestyle.

JÖL, and it’s parent J&L, are all about presenting choice and having real options. Not just in scent or size, but in form and function. This lets you see how a product may best fit into your life. Will it add to your experiences? Will it complement the things you do, your home, and what you enjoy?

Starting with the presentation of our products. Our images don’t set a stage of what we view as the ideal home or customer for our products. A blank or minimal canvass is used to let the product speak and let you decide if it suits your home, or your life. We don’t follow trends of style to subliminally shuffle a customer into manufactured emotional response.

You do not need to have JÖL products to have The JÖL Life! All you need is you and experiences you create.

What does JÖL mean?

  • A Celebration
  • A Good time
  • A Party
  • “You’re the bomb!”

It is the word behind Jolly and Yuletide. You see, all positives. How to pronounce it? We will leave that to you.

What you can expect to find on this site: Photos, graphics and words that give more depth to the products we make under this banner. When you are interested in purchasing anything by JÖL, we will redirect you to our J&L site and its store where you can browse everything we have to offer.

This site is new and will grow over time. Currently, J&L is focused on production and preparation for the Fall season. With a couple Pop Ups still planned, it is a very busy time for us. Once we have that all squared away, SHOP-JÖL will blossom more.