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Another Changing of the Seasons

We are days away from the full reintroduction of our AUTUMN scents. For this year we do not plan on adding any genuinely “NEW” scents to be a part of the AUTUMN season. Although, we will have a couple LIMITED ENGAGEMENT Scents that we will introduce that we think could be future EVERY DAY scents or maybe add them to one of our seasonal offerings. We will let you decide their fate.

Although our AUTUMN scents are coming very soon, we are not quite done with our SPRING & SUMMER scents. These products will remain available in our store for a few more weeks, despite their production having ended for the year. This gives many an opportunity to stock up on a favorite scent to get them by until next Spring.

WINTER & HOLIDAY Scents are not far behind. We plan for their return to take place September 30th – just in time for APPLE FEST. We may have a new addition or two coming with our WINTER & HOLIDAY scents. Still trying to decide which scents we are testing will make the cut, and what we will name them.


CAMPFIRE TAILS – Smoke and wood, with subtle touches of amber, patchouli and spice. A great outdoorsy scent for Fall

HARVEST FESTIVAL – A basket full of all those great fall scents all wrapped together – pumpkin, apple, brown sugar, pecan and spice.

SMOKE + MIRRORS – Suede, amber, leather and cedar. This will be a very limited engagement and only available as a candle or melts.

A Tease of What Else May Be Coming

New Scent coming very soon: GREASY JUNGLE – The name is inspired by the image of a city after the rain at night. A very sophisticated scent that is unlike any other we offer.

WHISKEY TANGO … May also make it’s return. We keep promising, but it seems we can not tone down this scent enough. While we wish to keep its “sour mash” bourbon notes, we want to bring up more of the sweet and sandalwood that we were aiming for all along.

With September just a couple days away, we are heading into our next big season. There are two event Pop-Ups planned before now and the end of the year. This means we will be hard at work bulking up our inventory, and updating some of our graphics. This will be our 9th Holiday Season – which will lead us directly to our 10th Anniversary in 2024! There is a lot to be excited about!

Thank you all so much for all your continued support! JC

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