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With JÖL leading the way for J&L, we will be placing a good amount of our attention on this brand. Plans are in place to steadily build upon all that we offer under this umbrella to include many products we have sidelined in the past being revamped for our continued success.

Having this year be a target year for planned substantial growth, we need to work diligently to make sure it is possible and be ready to take advantage of the growth to solidify our position. Translated, that means we need to continue to do what we are doing while getting better at it to be able to open our retail location; once we do, we need to be able to offer more to give our customers more options to suit their interests more as well as increase sales revenue to keep it viable.

One thing we do have locked in for Spring 2023 is an increase in seasonal scent options. There will also be a few Limited Engagement scents along with a couple new every day scents. You may see up to 24 scent options by this summer. Excluding our Limited Engagement scents, you will find all other scents available in Candles, Melts and Room Sprays. This will be our standard going forward.

After we get through a supplier quality issue with our bar soap base, we will work hard to ensure all soap options are always well in stock. This will take a big push on our end as we have limited soap bar production capacity at this time.

You will hear a lot about sustainability in our packaging this year. We feel this is as high of a priority as anything else. We must do better to reduce waste while keeping our products attractive and prices reasonable. This transition will create some hiccups with product availability as we ween ourselves away from the current PET & HDPE plastics we are using and move to Wheat Straw compostable plastics and glass for many items. Sourcing this packaging items will not be quick and we wish to make the transition seamless. To permit this, we are letting current packaging versions of lotions and scrubs sell out before we relaunch with new packaging. New items we hoped to introduce by now will be held until this change occurs. When that will occur cannot be projected at this time.

Await news of our Video Content to come soon. Our approach to video content, mainly for YouTube, will be very relaxed and done as a video blog style. We would like to cover subjects related to what we do behind the scenes and speak to what sets apart from industry trends. Don’t expect polished videos when we launch as all will be done in house by those who are behind everything we do already. The content will be raw, unrefined and generally unscripted. A topic or two will be picked for each video, with the overall length to be less than 15 minutes. Our first video will be an introduction with an outlook to what we have planned for 2023, As we go, the production values will likely improve as we are learning as we go. With that in mind, please be kind when commenting on our video content, it is very much something outside our comfort zone.

There is so much going on that we may find ourselves pulled in different directions. This is a challenge for us that we must accept to get to where we wish to be. For the last few years we have taken small measured steps and now we must increase our stride and take some very big steps. It may be rocky at times and we ask for patience and understanding. Once we get through all of this, we will be a more refined machine; better than every before.

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